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A lot of our clients are referred to us by other attorneys. Through years of experience, we have become familiar with the many reasons, both legal and practical, that compel attorneys to refer cases or seek local counsel, including:

The referring attorney recognizes the need for local counsel with knowledge of judges, attorneys, local rules or other aspects unique to the geographic area in which the case will be heard.

The referring attorney is not interested in trying cases.

The referring attorney does not have the subject matter expertise required to handle the case.

The complexity, scale or time consuming nature of the case mandates that the originating attorney refers it to a firm capable of handling the volume of expected work.

Conflicts of interest prevent attorneys from handling matters themselves, thus making case referrals to other counsel necessary.

An opportunity for co-counsel representation may arise in cases where there are multiple defendants and a conflict necessitates a referral.

For financial, personal, or other non-legal reasons, the referring attorney simply does not wish to represent the client.

We welcome the referral of clients from other attorneys and law firms. A significant number of our firm’s clients are referred to us for representation in personal injury matters. Other firms feel confident sending their clients to our firm because of our impressive track record. In addition to other attorneys, we regularly receive referrals from doctors and surgeons whose patients have suffered personal injuries caused by others. We understand that our client’s and their referring atto

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